We would like to invite eligible Eusoff Hall's residents to apply for the following Eusoff Financial Aid for AY 2014/2015.


"Without having to hold on to several jobs, Eusoff Bursary has enabled me to devote more time to my studies and participate in various hall activities"
Pamela Yau - Performing Arts Director 25th JCRC

Durian Fest + Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The king is back on 2nd August 2014!

Come for our Alumni Annual General Meeting and let us enjoy the durian fest together!

RSVP at Facebook - Durian Fest + AGM

We are calling for nomination for the following positions in the Executive Committee:

(i) President
(ii) Vice-President
(iii) Honorary General Secretary
(iv) Assistant Hon General Secretary
(v) Honorary Treasurer
(vi) Assistant Treasurer
(vii) 4 other members

To nominate a potential candidate, please email the Alumni Secretariat (Rashidah/Vivien) at, along with the completed nomination form.


Download Nomination Form 2014


Recruitment for DP Producer

Hello Eusoffians!!

1. Hope you guys have had a great experience in DP and DU this year! Right now we are opening up applications for the role of Producer(s) to lead Eusoff Hall Dance Production through the AY2014/2015.
Requirement to be a producer in DP:
- Passion to make DP a success
- A talented pool of performers and crew (which is plentiful!!)
Interested parties can send your emails to, as well as talk to anyone of us (Megan, Terence, Yishun, Wilfred) in hall. Wilfred is going to graduate soon so do grab him before he leaves hall.
2. On a separate note, we are still opening applications for scripts for next year's Dance Production. We require a 100-word write-up, and if you do have writer's block, do not hesitate to tell us in the same email ( We can talk and bounce off ideas for a better script :)

Eusoff Connect 2014

Event is over. Stay tuned for Eusoff Connect 2015!

Eusoff Alumni proudly presents the 3rd edition of Eusoff Connect! 

Eusoff Connect is an annual event where graduated seniors, who are currently working in various industries, return to hall to tell you more about their careers in each industry.

Calling for scripts for Eusoff Hall Dance Production

Hello Eusoffians!
With Eusoff Hall Dance Production ended on February 14th, we hope "Love is a Place" has inspired you as much as it did to our performers and crew. However, Eusoff Hall has been running its annual Dance Production and we certainly cannot hold them without the talented scriptwriters. With that, we are calling for submission of scripts for DP in the following year.
Write a synopsis (100 words) of what your story is about and it will be a bonus if you how you envisioned your script to be put on stage (optional)!

2nd CCA Fair

The following committees will be participating in the 2nd CCA Fair:

  1. Band
  2. Choir*
  3. Elections Committee
  4. Dance
  5. Flag
  6. Marketing and Sponsorship
  7. Programmes
  8. Rag

The fair will be held at the Function Hall this Thursday, 8-10PM.

*Please note that Choir will be conducting auditions, so do prepare one short song.

Eusoff Anniversary Fund

Dear Fellow Eusoffian


As you are aware, this year marks Eusoff’s 55th Anniversary (1958-2013).  As part of our celebrations, we are embarking on a project to publish a coffee table book on the successful and inspiring stories of Eusoffians. This book will be launched by the end of December 2013 and details will be forwarded to you shortly.


EVC Grant-a-Wish

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love
- Hamilton Wright Mabie

CCA Fair

Are you eager to join all the awesome hall activities? Wait no longer, the CCA Fair will be taking place on 4 September (Wed) and 5 September (Thu)8PM - 10PM at Function Hall

Booths will be set up by various committees and groups, so come on down to find out more and sign up! Don't forget bring along your CV/resume that details relevant experiences!

Publications Recruitment


Hey Eusoffians!